Mike Tyson To Fight Logan Paul In Boxing Match, Reports Say!

Mike Tyson is rumored to be fighting YouTuber Logan Paul in yet another exhibition fight.

Mike Tyson is back again and he is going for that big, big bag! The Champ will square off with YouTuber Logan Paul next February in another exhibition bout. Remember, Iron Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones, Jr. almost a year ago and it was a cool bout to see. We definitely wanted to see Evander Holyfield, but Evander dropped the bag. He went on to fight some dude and getting clobbered!

Tyson beat Roy Jones, but they were more than cool. They got the bag too! Anyway, shout out to Roy for getting in there.

Logan Paul was bested by Floyd Mayweather over the summer. At times, it looked like Money May carried the Paul Boy through the fight, but he walked away with this respect intact. A news show called DramaAlert reportedly made this call before anybody else.

“Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson, Feb 2022, sources tell DramaAlert,” he tweeted.

I will wait and see if this really manifests! I really hope Mike legit knocks bro out. I know Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are pretty cool. So, I am thinking this may be a fixed fight in addition to being a money grab. There is no shame in losing to Mike Tyson so he can keep on after that. They know a lot of people will pay to see the white, cocky non-boxing YouTuber get flattened by Mike.

Here is the fight: