Mini Fracas Breaks Out At Bone Thugs / Three Six Mafia Verzuz

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia was the first rap Verzuz outside of New York in a minute, but things almost got disastrous!

The Verzuz battles have been completely peaceful, albeit tense, since the beginning. That changed with the competition between Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia.

The harmonizers from Cleveland were singing, as members of Three Six Mafia mocked them.” This did not go over too well with Bizzy Bone. He began to chide his Memphis counterparts for mocking Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Suddenly, water bottles were being thrown and a small scuffle broke out Thankfully, the security was proper and it did not escalate! “Due to technical difficulties, this event will return momentarily,” the screen said after a brief intermission.

“Bizzy Bone gotta take his medicine,” said Gangsta Boo. “People paid money to see a legendary show.” And she was right! “We can’t let the devil get in the details,” Layzie would go on to say.

This is still in progress as I type this, but it looks like Bizzy was either ejected or left. He is no longer on the stage with the team! Many people were speculating, but it seems like he may have gotten KICKED OUT completely. Numerous people were like, “You messing up the money!” Who knows? Either way, its best that he’s not on the stage if you cannot maintain your composure! Anyway, the rest of the players made up and peaced it out! They made it CLEAR: WE COOL!!!!


Bizzy Bone Gun GIF - Bizzy Bone Gun Rapper - Discover & Share GIFs

Can we talk about how hot Gangsta Boo is? She WAS ON FIRE!

I am so glad Bizzy was let back on or got himself together! The culture does not need that! I am happy for these two groups! They are both very dope and have had numerous internal issues. But – lookie here – they all there. Even Lil Flip! Lil Eazy-E did his dad’s part! Ha! Hip-Hop is crazy af!

Shout out to Steve Lobel! We saw YOU WORKIN!