“Missing Woman” Remains A Mystery Even After Being Found!

Isobella Degrace

Women go missing every day, but one Isobella Degrace has manly traits that helped her go viral.

Isobella Degrace.

Oh, Isobella. You have me confused. First of all, I looked at you and thought you were Shaggy. But you weren’t. You were missing and possibly in jeopardy. Now that you are fine, let’s take a trip back down memory lane.

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Isobella Degrace is a 27-year old woman that was missing. Her mugshot hit the internet and folks like myself were immediately confused. This woman has a full-blown beard, but they keep saying its a woman. This made me more interested in the story.

This is exactly how the Toronto Police Service described her:

“She is described as 5’10″, with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee. She was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and grey pants.”

This was essentially a wellness check that resulted in a viral moment and, for me, a sign the world is coming to an end. This m### was “just” a missing person, but because it was a woman that looked like a hippie, nomadic man, it became international news.

Homegirl was found a mere nine hours after being reported missing. This means she was never truly missing! But she had a goatee! People became extra concerned and inquisitive about this one chick with a beard. There are hundreds (maybe 10s) of thousands of missing Black woman and girls. But they do not have goatees (most of them).

Guys, I wish there was more to this, but there ain’t. Some have politicized this, but there’s not much else to say.