Moneybagg Yo And Ari Fletcher Might Be Expecting!

Moneybagg Yo

They say Moneybagg Yo and Ari broke up, but now the rumor is they are expecting a baby.

Moneybagg Yo might just have a baby on the way. As you know, he just broke it off with his presumed ex Ari Fletcher. But not so fast. The rumor world pretty much assumed that it was a break baby, but that may not be the case. People have already linked Ari with Portuguese soccer player Renato Sanches and even Meek Mill. But all of that talk may just be cap. The truth it stranger than the rumors. It seems like Ari and Moneybagg are still on some sort of journey. Look at what is populating the rumor mill.

And then there’s this:

Now, I am not a ring expert, but don’t they look similar?

Also, isn’t it really silly for us to think they are no longer anything? They were gifting each other land and Lambos! All of that has to count for something.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it.

I might as well talk about Lil Durk and India while I am here.

They are going back and forth on social media. I am glad I am not their age, because they seem juvenile as hell right now. Remember they are both on the other side of 25 and Durk us approaching 30. So, Durk posted the following, which we know he was talking to her.

And, of course, she had to reply with her own quip.

A bit of humble pie

Anyway, there’s a rumor that Durk had a baby by another woman, but I do not believe it. He has a baby with India. I hope they know their own little baby will see this one day. Get it together, because we need yall has younger representation of Black Love.