More Info On The Man Suge Knight Allegedly Tried To Kill

The Man That Tangled With Suge In a G.

Suge Knight was charged with murder, because police investigators believe he tried to run over another man at the scene of the crime that actually killed his friend Terry Carter.

Suge allegedly tried to kill actor Cle “Bone” Sloan when he backed up his truck into a crowd. His friend Terry just happened to be in close proximity when the former Death Row mogul gunned his truck twice.

Suge was charged with felony murder even though he missed his intended target.

Suge and Cle were in a physical fight prior to the deadly encounter.

Cle is generally a well-known figure on the West Coast, as he has actively fought to end gang violence that has plagued their communities. He was also known as an extremely active Blood from back in the day. More recently, he’s morphed into an actor that has appeared in movies like “Training Day” and “Brooklyn’s Finest.” He produced a documentary called “Bastards of the Party.”

Sloane was injured in the deadly fracas, but his wounds were categorized as “non-life threatening.”

Here is the whole movie “Bastards of the Party.”

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228 thoughts on “More Info On The Man Suge Knight Allegedly Tried To Kill”

      1. Again like I said above: the person he killed was by accident (manslaughter) and the person he apparently tried to kill didn’t die (attempted murder)…

    1. How do you figure? He actually did kill someone. Attempted murder is when the victim lives. If anything he’s probably going to have an attempted murder charge on him as well. All actions leading up to the event implies intent and premeditation. He drove over them in one direction and back again in the other.

      1. The intended victim was not the one that got killed…that’s why the “attempted murder” charge comes into play….and sense he did kill someone he would get manslaughter charges….constructive manslaughter to be exact.

      2. It makes sense but it doesn’t work like that in Cali.. If you steal a phone and the dude gets hit by a car chasing you there is good chance you’re getting a murder rap.. If someone dies while you are assaulting, or trying to kill someone that’s definite murder out here at least. Each state has the liberty to loosely interpret the constitution and make their own rules.. So your state might take the situation easier..

      3. Because the person he killed was by accident (manslaughter) and the person he apparently tried to kill didn’t die (attempted murder)…

      4. read up on Cali law. If someone dies as the result of your committing a crime you can be charged with murder.

  1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All the dirt Suge did, I actually believe his side of this & im a NY nicca. He going down for this though. OJ Symptoms all over this! QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. brooklyn finest????
    i could be wrong……….didnt see him in that movie
    i did see him in end of watch………..didnt like his role in that one.

    and that all i gotta say bout that-Forrest Gump Voice

    1. bone was in Waikiki once actin loose on girls & did some dumb ish crossed the line.Happened to be against a SERIOUS dude out here who also was a boxer,lookin like a 5’6″ flip cold KO’d bone right in FRONT of all his peeps & they did nothing.suckas was gonna get a couple brothers to go get dude till they got sent a message..Fall back,so yeah he took a L hard out here.Word is they were mad as hell but they cant do shit against the “local” tribes out chea.
      No man is above getting touched.
      based on his loose action i suspect a setup gone wrong. Suge’s done tho, met him 1st time he was fresh out(i was too)so it was cool, had like 20 peeps, but the club never let em in!scared ass mofo’s

      1. I can dig it. Hell, any man can catch it. Especially in someone else’s hood. No one is above a G check, especially if you violated.

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  6. The only way Suge Knight can be invincible or somewhat untouchable is if he bought a time machine and transported his fat old ass back into the 90s.

    Even if they made time machines, his fat sorry ass wouldn’t be able to buy one since he no longer owns Death Row as a money maker.

  7. Either way he is washed…….and he is a punk ass muafuaka anyway, I stepped to him in Daygo years ago, he knew better then… he aint nothing but a punk ass muafuka….and now his dumbass will get the book and the library thrown at him……fuck dat that stupid muafuka….

      1. Im not sure if you tryin to talk slick, but that is just an avatar, I aint wit none of that internet fake ass punk shit, I can come see you…….

      2. U better chill out lil nigga. again, I aint wit all that………..Im n Vegas…and mobile, where u at… wit that bitness anytime u think u ready

      3. Slow down cowboy, not sure who u are, and don’t care. but this aint got shit to do wit you and this lil faggot at his momma house….

      4. hahahahahahah, all good fam….
        95% of these internet gangsta and lil rabbits don’t realize, some of US retired (grew up) real thug niggas learned how to use a computer……so a lot of passes get dealt out….

  8. Cle if you read this and I’m sure you will just know you should be embarrassed to be your age and your only value is to get involved in gang bullshyt. Antoine Fuqua is a fukking gang groupie. You dudes are so primitive. Here you are at a shoot that got nothing to do with you trying to impress Dre and Cube. Don’t you have kids and grandkids to tend to you old fukking fool? Rap has glorified the ignorance people like you and Suge wear as a badge of honor when it’s really a badge of shame. How many white boys in Hollywood you ever pressed? All of y’all Crips and Bloods over 30 need your azz beat. Sorry excuses of black manhood. Real men make their own way in life not audition for checks from lames and fa9s. Fukk Suge too. Meanwhile the eses selling dope and you primitive ni99as killing each other over scraps. Ni99a drop dead.

      1. PlayerHaterBuckNAsty

        No denying that but as I said even gang members have non gang related disputes..are Athens Park and Mob even beefin for this to be labeled a gang thing ? But agree to disagree my friend

      2. Ok. Agree to disagree. I’m just so tired of these grown men and their juvenile antics. I paint them with a broad brush.

      3. you really need to watch that video above and at least understand how this dynamic works. i respect what you’re saying, i even agree to an extent.. but suge and bone grew up in the kinda environment were a young person isn’t allowed to really re-consider a style of life that involves constant violence. I wasn’t sure about where Bone was really at these days, but that video lays it out clearly. it doesn’t really help the situation to call these homies primitive – but i don’t fault you for that, i agree. i got 5 uncles dead from struggle, cousins locked up for the rest of their life, a brother who’s not going to see daylight until 2030. Gang members aren’t stupid people, you just gotta recognize there’s a lot of scars. black gang members have been killing each other since the 70s – they don’t even remember what they’re banging for. watch that video though, it’s good. <3

      4. The problem with LA ni99as is they act like they the only ones grew up under stress. In the 80’s and 90’s when was LA the murder capital? First Hollywood glorified the gangs with Colors then rap wore it out. Richmond, DC, Miami, New Orleans were all murder capitals at one time. From 85 to 92 NYC had over 2000 homicides each year. Them ni99as ain’t go through nothing nobody else ain’t go through. All they want is a pat on the back. They just need to grow up.

      5. Point, but in all those cities you named, killing continues due to past scars. You killed my man, somebody gots to die. That’s how these guys think. Heck, where I’m from dudes hang on to stuff that happened to them in HS and still pop off at each other later in life. Neighborhood against neighborhood. As you said, it happens everywhere, but I do think it takes someone like Bone that has lived the life to actually try and help those still in it. I don’t feel like they are looking for a pat on the back. Those brothers need help. Not just in L.A., but in DC, the N.O., NYC, MIA, etc.

      6. If you really believe that a city being a murder capital somehow qualifies as more (or less) of a stressful place for black folks, or really just minorities period – you really need to think about what you’ve accepted in life. Maybe you hang with too many fake niggas that always have something to prove? Or you think 2000 homicides has something to do with *you*? Like you walking in the dark murdering people for colors, or money or.. ?

      1. That ni99a is not an actor. Fuqua showed him love because Fuqua is a MAJOR dick rider. Ain’t nobody calling him for nothing.

  9. I can see Suge walking from this with a lifetime suspended license, tons of community service and maybe some anger management classes. He’ll plead not guilty and go to trial and tamper with the witnesses. He’ll say he fled the scene for fear for his life and maybe get a little time for that. His defense team will probably say his gas pedal got stuck or something and the only one who will be able to talk and testify will be Cle, but i doubt he’ll do that. G’s usually only talk when they need to get out of trouble. Plus G’s love “The Big Payback”. (James Brown voice)

      1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I don’t think Suge woke up and said I’m doing this tonight with witnesses. If he wanted to do something, I’m sure he’s murked in the past and does so in silence. That’s why I believe his side. However he done so much dirt and got away with it, they might just OJ him.

      2. Based on Suge’s claim Carter called him to come to the parking lot sure looks like Carter set him up. Now you gotta wonder if it was an accident after all. Carter got a record label. Who the fukk he gonna sign. This is the bullshyt that killed rap. Instead of Cube creating an outlet for real talent he gives a 55 yr old ni99a a label situation? Suge is expendable but I ain’t mad at him for driving over them dudes. Look how they lined the witnesses up to send him to jail. smh

  10. I’m so tired of these bum azz LA show biz tough guys. OG Bobby Johnson was a bum. Tookie danced on the gong show in a g-string for money. T-Rodgers is a toothless drunk. Entertainment made these country ni99as heroes. Look at them. At 50 and still clueless. If they’re this dumb at 50 can you imagine 20? The rap money ran out. Game trying to fly the flag. Ni99a where is it all going? There’s no structure on the street but get locked up and it’s gonna be a different ballgame. The irony is Suge and Deathrow made Bloods more popular than Crips outside of LA. Probably the reason Game want to be a Blood. If Terry set Suge up then he got what he deserved. Y’all corny ni99as better figure how to get paid instead of how to get on TMZ. Bum azz ni99as.

    Shout out J Prince. An old head who moves accordingly.

      1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        White boy, you bore me. *Willy Wonka Pose with palm on chin* toodles!

    1. Damn, I kind of agree. I actually met that Bone Character when he came up to Harlem when Jim Jones was always advertising the Blood shit. He appeared cooled and moved accordingly. Didn’t hear about him taking the fake blood shit lol

    2. I always wondered about them niggaz and they blouse backnin the day. Jeri curls n shit. Like how are these niggaz thugs and gangsters with juiced up hair and blouses on. How you bangin in ya wifes pants?

      1. They country fools. Pop culture made their ignorance seem cool. They ain’t about nothing but destruction. The last thing we need is THESE knee grows showing people how to get their life right. Look at the mess that follows them everywhere they go.

      2. You’re on here judging people’s level of “gangsta” online. On the damn internet! Because your avatar is from Boyz N’ tha Hood, that makes you credible?

        Breeze: Triple OG of the internet. Hilarious. I’m done.

  11. Last but not least will somebody tell me how Freeway Ricky Ross got jammed twice and still saw the streets. First time he says he told on crooked cops. Suspect but okay. Who he tell on the 2nd time. This myth of these guys has to end. If I ever had the pleasure of encountering them and their ni99a hi-jinx I’d give them a long overdue reality check. That goes for that other idiot in the wheelchair Mike Concepcion too. It’s time to start setting examples. They had a free ride for a long time.

    Meanwhile Diddy in LA Chillin’ “take that take that.”

      1. We got a generation of fools inspired by RAP. That’s even in LA. Y’all got ni99as flying flags with record deals. The whole shyt is a joke. You sound like a kid. Y’all ni99as so weak and sorry your only hope is to be in some entertainer’s entourage. Magic is the only ni99a I respect out there. He’s on some wolf shyt. The rest of y’all is some wannabe rappers and dancers. Keep it 100 and anybody rapping is trying to be like NY. Everybody influence each other. What is your point? That gang shyt is dead because it don’t pay. Straight bums. Admired by lames who don’t know better.



      3. Y’all ni99as is bums. That’s all I need to know. 40 Glocc, Game, Spider Loc. Grown azz men stuck in their 2nd and 3rd childhood.

      4. It’s 4am eastern time and you’re still on this thread spewing all kinds of gibberish, who’s the real loser?

      5. How about your NY ni99as, bum ass maino running around with that value meal Burger King crown? Kay Slay out here running around with baggy clothes and he’s pushing 60…we ain’t even gonna get to Jim jones, he been childish his entire career and pushing 50, cam refuses to grow up!!!! You throwing stones from a glass playhouse fucc boi

      6. And how do you assume I’m country you fucx boi? You’re such a clown lol it’s obvious Cali nicxas scared you emotionally at some point!!!! It’s very obvious, you been on here every other hour for the last 72 hours, looks like you’re the one that needs to put That PC on sleep mode and go out and do some crip walking so you can get a little exercise, sitting on your a$$ is messing with the blood circulation in your brain!!!! Fucc boi

      7. That’s because you’re a bitch ass nicca.. And I mean that with as much respect possible. You are getting emotional and spouting assumptions as facts when everything you know is hearsay. You’re hatin on Bloods and Crips when New York niccas started the nationwide Blood Mafia UBN. I know OGs from out here who are on that shyt and it’s some East Coast shyt. You just sound insecure and immature bro.. Why you upset at West Coast gangs but not East Coast, Mid West, and Down South ones? Any nicca in Cali knows you’ll get yo noodles knocked faster in those small East Coast, Mid West, and Down South cities… East St. Louis, Camden, etc etc..

        Hold this L for denouncing gangs with a gang mentality smh.. Takes a special kind of stupid….

      8. Emotional? Bitch ass nicca? Y’all the fa9s with long hair and pretty plats. Sucking white dick in the hills to get on. First your broads ran up there then y’all decided 2 can play that game. Ni99a I’m having fun putting y’all on blast, Y’all ni99as is bozos. Old bozos. Can’t take care of your kids. Can’t pay your bills. Holding onto a lie so tightly cause it’s all you got.

      9. You sound stupid.. I have a college degree, run a non profit, don’t have kids, and have waves… Nicca kickin around 20 year old stereotypes thinkin he droppin knowledge GTFOH.. That stupid ass gang bang image in your head only exists in Hollywood dumb nicca.. You sound like a fan.. The average nicca in Compton looks like Kendrick Lamar, you watch Hollywood movies but don’t listen to niccas like Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Ahmad, Ras Kass, De La Soul… You’re the dumb ass that thinks every nicca out here is banged out.. Sit your lame uneducated ass down somewhere..

      10. You’re an idiot! Nip ain’t even promoting violence like you claim!!!! You are the definition of a fucc boi

    1. Real recognize real.. Any gangsta on tv is acting to an extent whether it’s Al Pacino or Suge Knight… Biggie and Pac exaggerated their G card.. So did Nas Jay Z Snoop and dam near anyone else..

    2. That’s funny – even my wife saw the documentary on Rick Ross and said “how he only do 4 years the first time and his friends got 20?”…. “Then how he got life reduced to 20 years and still hardly do any of the 20 years”… She knows that just from knowing what happened to all my friends who went away when I was young. Some dudes had to be telling.

      1. That’s true but these dudes got the best street promotion going. Hip hop. You wouldn’t know how bogus these ni99as are leave it to rap.

  12. Do some research allhiphop this guy was with suge and his friend who was killed when they arrived. this is the last time ill visit this site its bullshit they dont even report the right news anymore

  13. I have a feeling katt Williams will be doing shows like a muddafacca getting that Johnny Cochrane money together…We all knew suge wasn’t gonna grow old in the streets. .I just didn’t think it would be for a hit n run.

  14. I want the LA ni99as to read my posts and recognize the truth in it. The jig is up. You gonna have to find another hustle or be 50 fighting in a parking lot like a fukking loser.

      1. Lmfao. . . Yo son im fuckin rollin right now. I tried to overlook that shit but yo ass just had to point it out lmfao

      2. Ok “Hip Hop fan” you cant correct my choice of code because you don’t speak my code, i know you listen to a lot of rap and your hip to all the new “slang word” you can find, i speak my own code as do my people around me and other places have a different spoken code, the only reason you know any of those word is because the code was broken

      3. Eye See Everything

        I think you’re just trying to emulate what you heard in a song that you actually heard incorrect. I’m glad you could go get racist on your posts though, shows the true content of your character. Beside why would I care what some herb from Washington thinks anyway. Racist faggot.

      4. Eye See Everything

        You live in Bremerton, WA. Let that sink in for a minute. I peeped your “music”. You couldn’t give that shit away. Hillbilly rap. Don’t quit your day job kid.

      1. LOL aint no competition bro an if it was then you should a put suges name before the R.I.P.
        I can see that workin better.

  15. Let’s not forget the chief of Deathrow security Reggie is the son of Compton’s police chief at the time. Y’all looking up to these dirty corny ni99as and don’t even know what’s really going on.

  16. If Hollywood wasn’t in LA no one would care about Crips and Bloods. Sean Penn and Robert Duvall put you clowns on the map. It’s been a good run too but but it’s over now y’all gonna have to hit the streets for real. Only problem is all y’all know how to do is hit the studio.

      1. That’s some local shyt. ENTERTAINMENT is how the rest of the country became aware. Thats a FACT. The movie Colors and the theme song from Ice T. NWA came after and then Deathrow. People are weak and follow trends and show biz made BUM culture trendy. Them ni99as wasn’t even getting paid. Ole Dickie, Chuck Taylor wearing BUMS. No one would copy them if not for entertainment. For what? It don’t pay.

      2. You know what trips me out about this? Dudes will really get upset if you tell them they’re studio gangstas but won’t mind being known as deadbeat dads who can’t hold down a decent job or respect their women.

      3. blogging on a website isnt airing them out. if you really think that badly of them, go to the streets that they reside in and talk that trash to their face. i dont know whats worse, people fake claiming to be gang mambers or people who never been in the streets that they talk about trying to kick knowledge. you my friend are just as consumed by hollywood, media, and internet, as the people you are clowning because i know if you been in ANY hood (especially the ones in LA) you woldnt be takin that noise to their face.

      4. I agree with Monte. Why take so much pride when it comes to the hood.
        And i add some more.
        Everybody in the hood acting tough. But only black on black. When white man is coming everybody is silent. Keeping your own people on the bottom is not cool. Of course everybody can be blamed on white people. But in the end it’s gang bangers, thugs and anybody else claiming to keep it real who do the job the racists don’t even need to make their hands dirty for.
        They just come to the hood to do waste management (bring body bags).

        Early Hip-Hop was against gang culture. It was the Zulu nation abandoning gang activity for Hip-Hop culture. Nowadays there is just Rap. Hip-Hop and rap separated a very long time ago. Rap is owned by corporations as a tool to keep the bottom class where they are. On the bottom. Started from the bottom and now still there! Just because they give some few rappers luxury products it does not mean things are improving.

      5. Exactly! Most of these idiots don’t know the whole point of hip hop was to take youth AWAY from the grimy Bronx streets of the 1970’s.

      6. Lmao @ airing them out online. Plus if the only gang bangin they do is on tmz (please name me one) then I guess all the graffiti on walls, gang related shooting, and tenths of thousands of lives who’ve been lost from this bangin shit are all made up right and a result of bangin on tmz…. and not the actual streets lol get some help bro. Oh yeah and homie asked you not once, but TWICE where u were from and you trying to act stupid like you don’t see his comment and ignore it. You have a lot of shit to talk about another city, why not tell everybody where YOU from? Are you embarrassed? Too ashamed? Lol and like he said, you ain’t doing shit here, if it’s such a BIG issue to you go to their hoods and tell em to their face. Tell me how that works out for ya lol

      7. Tens of thousands? At LA’s peak maybe 400 GANG RELATED homicides in a year. in 20 years at THAT rate it would only be 8000. You guys have created such a fabulous narrative that the truth is the biggest casualty. And yes airing fake gang members who rap and suck up for shout outs and cameos is done right online where they do their most damage telling and selling fables.

      8. At its PEEK LA was OVER 1,000 dumbass…Maybe you should do some research. 400 is actually a low number. And I’m talking about SoCal, not just LA in general. Wow lol I can tell u do all your tough talking online… BTW why do u keep talking about rappers? Lol I’m actually talking about REAL active gang members. Btw again…. still dodging the question… where are you from??

      9. They weren’t all gang related dumb ass. Y’all gotta keep up with your lies and your sources. I’m talking about LOS ANGELES. If you wanna expand the criteria until your fantasies fit go ahead. LA has NEVER surpassed 1000 homicides. At it’s peak it was 800. Y’all are the most desperate to be deadly country ass ignorant fools walking.

    1. Rappers and ball players come out here and get ramshackled especially when banging was at its peak so what studio is you talking about. Better recognize who started this gangsta shit

      1. Better recognize? All I recognize is who commercialized something and turned it into entertainment because they wasn’t really bout that life.



      3. Bro im just saying how can new york talk and they took our banging and every other state and city did too. Rather you heard about banging here or then in the 80s. Just know south central los angeles and the neighboring cities always been REAL! Dudes come to l.a. to go to Hollywood. They dont come to compton watts or south central because of fear and what they hear

      4. I feel you on that, dog!!! But you have to look at like this, it’s the younger cats in New York claiming that schitt because my generation didn’t want to phukkk with that schit no more, even though I was still at the age to fall in line like everyone else, but I am too New York to the heart to do that!!! We stopped our gang culture in the late 70’s and early 80’s because of the birth of Hip Hop, but it really never died out. We just called them “drug gangs, crews, posses or clicks”. I will admit though, these young clowns out here in N.Y. are making my city look suspect!!! I never thought I would see a day when N.Y. would be claiming “BLOOD or CRIP”, and even when you talk about the rap game, these lames spit like they’re from the south. Back in the day if a cat that lived in N.Y. was claiming that red or blue, things would’ve been hard for that brotha, WORD UP!!! But, you would be surprise how many cats win N.Y. were actually connected to that west coast way of life due to going out there and having family out there, but they wouldn’t do that schitt when they came back east??? And it’s funny how I see cats out here rocking schitt with “NWA” on it on their gear.

      5. every city had gangs that were “banging” before there were Bloods or Crips… In fact it was gang truces that allowed rap music to develop in The Bronx. That was what they used to bring warring hoods together… That’s history.

    2. Tell that to all the satellite hoods in every state representing streets they never seen. All of those outta town hoods were started by California niccas doin they thing OT. I don’t condone gang violence and I don’t bang, but you sound misguided fam. I know OGs with college degrees who’s name still ring bells. You speakin on shyt you never even experienced before.

      And what’s really ironic you are hating and getting emotional with strangers for trivial reasons.. THAT’S THE MAIN ISSUE WITH GANGS..

      1. Satellite hoods? Y’all ain’t got no structure. When people think of Crips and Bloods they think Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. GTFOH. Y’all ni99as are so LAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE!

      2. You think you saying something with that. Y’all ni99as don’t own them streets either. It’s the blind leading the blind. Mexicans own y’all cause they got the plug. The alternative is music. Y’all can pretend to be gang members and get paid. Y’all ni99as role players for real. You haven’t figured out I’m moving around in LA yet? You ni99as are so primitive and unimpressive. Patting yourself on the back because some other cornballs is claiming streets you actually drive down. How that keep your baby mama from running to the hills to freak off trying to get a sponsor?

    1. You sound like a nigga that got beat up by a blood or crip his whole life. Niggas dont just say ol im 40 years old or I start rapping and stop being from the set you off brand nigga! You wouldn’t know about this l.a. life unless you came here and seen it. Go peep kay slay scary ass in Compton shook. Hollywood didnt make 1000 murders a year for 5 straight years in the late 80s and early 90s. Recognize l.a. know what u talking about. You sound like a fool! I don’t condone killing each other and banging but yo ass certainly dont wtf you talking about and that Chris character sound like a sideline buster cheerleading for yo ass.


        What kind of screen name is that??? You can suck a chrome microphone like it’s a dikkk!!! You are really riding on our nut sack real hard, clown a$$ ni99a!!! To call yourself that you must’ve got served up by a real N.Y M.C.??? Hating a$$ Cali clowns still bitter over the 90’s…… Those Jeri Curls you bamas were rocking a couple of months ago must’ve seeped into your cranium, and destroyed your brain cells!!!

  17. So Terry Carter’s family is in the media seeking justice for Terry. In other words lock Suge up. Fake azz gangsters. They should be hoping for Suge to come home so they can deal with him. Instead they’re appealing to the courts to handle their biz. Typical LA ni99as. Put the women up to call the police while they pretend to be bout that life. You bum azz ni99as ain’t have enough yet? Notice how many witnesses popped up in Compton? Telling azz ni99as. I don’t know anywhere else where people would be so quick to help an investigation. There was a line to tell the police what happened. Y’all been faking it for so long you done forgot how to get down for real. Get ready for the quadruple OG Terry Carter tribute album. This ni99a Bone trying to promote his trash documentary.

    1. ”I don’t know anywhere else where people would be so quick to help an investigation.”
      .. ever been in a civilized part of town? There is a world beyond that ghetto full of ignorant fools who’d rather live in a tribal community rather than a civilized one.

      1. Well you’re an imbecile for not getting the context and sarcasm. The irony of people who pride themselves on some “G Code” racing to cooperate with police was my point further supporting how fake all of this is. Now take your bum azz back to sleep.

      2. Do you even know that man’s family or what kind of code they live by. Nigga you sound like a square ass wanna be. Niggas like you talk that gcode shit & be at home on the computer all day foh.

    2. Yeah, they should really wait for him to come home and deal with him so they can throw their freedom away over a degenerate lowlife loser and spend the rest of their lives in prison over it. That’s the move right there.

      1. Are these ni99as gangsters or not because it’s all confusing with all the police cooperation going on out there. One minute they protesting police the next they running to the cops for help. Why don’t they just stop all the stupidness.

      1. You wrote down in your earlier post that the dude was promoting his film. They’re 4 sale but the promotin is done. Nothin to promote on a past subject Cause they would be promotin their new project. That’s the point.

    3. I understand what you’re saying. But I see it both ways. They don’t need to handle it because Suge Knight has done so much dirt, someone else will carry out vindication against him so they don’t have to waste or expend their energies and stay safe about it.

      1. Nah. I want them to let his people do what they do other than push them in front of the camera crying for justice. His homies are supposed to deliver justice.

  18. Cle actively fought gang violence by actively fighting with Suge at a video production for the Niggas With Attitudes movie, that actually gets a man who was trying to broker a peace meeting killed. Don’t know where to start…

    1. Hey, Soul train was great, Niggas dancing having a good time, stop gangbanging on breakfast trying to be a thug all the time, btw did a la Nigga have relations with your woman?

  19. “Allegedly TRIED TO KILL” says AllHipHop… Great title. I’ve read other stories that say Suge was trying to get away from his attackers. There are plenty of racist FOX news type sites to play judge, jury, and executioner to accused black men. We definitely don’t need you guys doing it too. Why don’t we get all of the facts first before using his situation to get a few web clicks.

  20. Ok, so now it is known why Zuma has been shouted out on past posts….lol. I agree with most of his commentary, and if I may, I would just state that it is almost common knowledge now that the conscious movement Hip-Hop was helping to reignite, would not have been an “acceptable” culture to pass down, and create a legacy out of, by those having any say in the matter. Instead, here it is 2015, and what has the culture celebrated mostly, and passed down? Makes you wonder who was really who during that crucial time period. In the West’s defense though, there have been numerous attempts at truces, and lifestyle changes, with some success, but in a world run by money, politics, and stemming from the darkest of the most darkest histories, can we really say we are that surprised with the results? If only we could get it together enough to take advantage of hindsight in real time.

    1. Y’all are biased and prejudiced.. Southern California hoods are safer than most states.. The media’s job isn’t to give you accurate information, it’s too get you view ads. The most dangerous city in So Cal is usually San Bernardino. The Compton gangs have more money and juice in the streets but less violence. The gangs keep violence down if you ask me, since the crack boom is over bloods, crips, and eses need each other more to make money. Most parts of Compton you wouldn’t even feel in danger in daylight.. You obviously don’t drive down any alleys you don’t know or stare at people.. But shyt ain’t training day every damn night… BUT it can get Training Day in a second on a rare occasion..

      1. Aw ni99a blow it out your azz. The media? You mean hip hop? Y’all ni99as been promoting this bullshyt forever like some badge of honor. That’s not the media that’s y’all with your bullshyt documentaries about bums and all your damn explanations for your silliness. The shyt ain’t cool. It’s country as fukk to be honest.

      2. That’s what you hear because you’re a dumb nicca period.. For every banged out artist you name I can name two that’s not.. Where do you think Ras Kass, Hopsin, Jurassic 5, Disaster, Tha Liks, etc etc came from? Even NWA had songs about not selling drugs..

        And please don’t act like your state doesn’t have it’s share of gangsta rappers, ignorant niccas, and minority crime.. You single out Cali gangs for the same reason dumb niccas join them.. You’re a follower who doesn’t know any better..

      3. Now you righteous. Yesterday you was bragging about driving down streets wannabes in my city was claiming. Ni99a you confused. You don’t know if you’re going or coming. This post is about washed up gang members who clashed on the set of a movie about gansta rappers. This is what y’all promote. Always did. Now you wanna play word games. Ain’t you the same ni99a talking about having a non profit like that shit is a job? lmao. Your elevator don’t go to the top floor I see.

      4. Dam you’re stupid.. I wasn’t bragging dumb nicca I was saying that there are stupid niccas where you live too. Most gang banging is stupid. But most gang members don’t even bang you fool. You don’t even know the difference between bangin a set and being from a set. Most gang members go about normal lives and are tied to the gang by family or child hood friends. I was just at my boy’s house last night who’s a Compton Crip, never shot anyone, never been to jail, and he’s a dental hygienist.. And proud of all of it. He’s the average gang member not the shyt you see on tv. He’s ready to ride and has when some real shyt popped off not gang color shyt.. But real shyt involving his fam.. He doesn’t sit on the block wearing dickies listening to old gangsta rap. You sound like a threatened soft nicca.. What magic state are you from where there are no gangs?

      5. Don’t mind that fool, his hatred is deep rooted in a traumatic experience. I’m willing to bet, he either got stomped out by some Cali ni99as in the past or some Blood or crips ran a train on his girl/baby moms so he walks around with a grudge and chip on his shoulders, all these generalized statements are indicative of that!

      6. No doubt, I agree. I more so made a couple of Hip-Hop observances as well, due to the difficulty nowadays to tell the cultures apart.

      7. yeah – even when LA was at it’s worst it never had the highest murder rate or most murders…. it only had “the most gang members” – as if that magically makes this tougher.

  21. An accident with someone getting killed and Suge Knight’s violent past aren’t a logical combination. It’s practically impossible to give Suge the benefit of the doubt given his criminal history.

  22. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen about gangbangin’ in California. Bone is a real example of a brotha who has grown up and come a long way. Get well my brotha.

  23. While most niggas try to, and some are able to graduate from the streets, Suge had the opportunity to do it. He kinda did, but he’s that guy that graduated from high school, yet still hangs around, wearing his letterman jacket, trying to chill with and impress people old enough to be his kids.

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  28. Hey, what happened to the broad Suge left on the side of the road nikked some years back?? His then GF who was supposed to testify against him?????? Family still ain’t found the body. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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