NBA YoungBoy And Bobby Shmurda Know The Feds Are Watching

bobby Shmurda NBA Youngboy

Bobby Shmurda and NBA Youngboy could be doing songs together, but instead they are beefing.



NBA YoungBoy and Bobby Shmurda went back-and-forth, beefing over the weekend. I thought Thanksgiving was family time and for eating turkey! The two guys, I believe, had a miscommunication over the Internet. Rowdy Rebel did an interview, and he commented on a number of things, including King Von.

You should know by now that Rowdy is a friend and comrade of Bobby Shmurda. Both of them were arrested and incarcerated back in 2014. They served their time and they were released. Ever since they were released, they have gotten a lot of respect in New York City and vowed never to go back to jail. They are like drill rap pioneers in the town.

So, Rowdy Rebel, talked about how King Von’s death could’ve been avoided.  I have to say I did not agree with what he said. If you pull out a gun, you probably need to use it. That is what we were taught. If you aren’t, you then have another problem. Somehow in there, it seems as though Bobby made a commentary about people bragging on what their friends had done in the streets. And in saying that, it seems like NBA YoungBoy took that personally. I don’t know how this got so confusing, but it resulted in a back-and-forth that was chronicled by all. This was also on AllHipHop‘s Instagram.

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This all sounds kind of stupid, but it continued to escalate until Bobby threatened YoungBoy. He actually said he wanted a conversation with both him and Wack100. After a while, they retracted some of the comments that they said, because it was getting way too hot for the internet. I think at this point, they know that the feds are watching. Any threats that are made or to be taken seriously.

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Anyway, this is all pretty stupid, but this is where we are right now. Check out some of the clips from the Internet as they bickered back-and-forth.

It all ended pretty fast when NBA posted screenshots of their DM interaction.

Ain’t NO rules anymore!