NBA YoungBoy Drops 101 Songs And Runs Out Of Raps

NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again

NBA Youngboy has apparently run out of rhymes after releasing 101 songs in 2022! Read what’s coming in 2023.

NBA YoungBoy its one of the hottest rappers out these days! That boy on fire! I am curious though. What is the quality of his raps when he’s cranking out so many songs? He has released over 100 songs this year alone and seems to be on the verge of dropping more. There is just one problem.

He has apparently run out of rhymes to continue on. For this reason, he has suspended all projects for the year. He’s like the Nick Cannon of rapping. He just cannot seem to stop. He said “Would you care if I said not [til] next year? Quando dropping the tape with me and him but I ran out of rhymes help me ??”

First of all, I know he’s not asking for help! He needs some help, alright! But not the help you might think! I am sure that he will be ok after a bit of living and drinking or whatever. That’s how it goes after you crank out 101 songs in 2022 alone.

Also, ever forget, NBA is at the top of the pile!! Well right under Drake, but you see it below!