NBA Youngboy Kicks His Mom Out Of House He Bought Her!

We went from “Dear Mama” to “Kick Rocks Mom.”

(AllHipHop Rumors) NBA Youngboy has done the unthinkable. Well, it is unthinkable if you grew up on Tupac like me. Tupac had the classic song called “Dear Mama,” where he praised his mother despite her imperfections. NBA Youngboy is a bit of a different artists, who may come from the Blueface school of thought.  

NBA Youngboy has reportedly tossed his mom from the home that he purchased for her. 

She let him have it in all of her internet glory too!!!  “Kentrell got me a f##king house, he’ll get you a house and then if you don’t do what he f##king says, he’ll get it took. I don’t give a f##k, you can have your house, b####. I’ll go under the interstate. B#tch, I’ll go sleep on a f##king park bench.”

Well, with all respect to Youngboy, his mom ain’t Afeni Shakur. LOL!!!

People need to know that family is everything and money comes and goes. 

The Baton Rouge rapper has had the blessing of a mom and she has been his ride and die during some of his hardest times including when he was facing a myriad of charges. 

And he’s still walking in the free world so she did something right! “B#tch, I raised my children right. The only right way is don’t let nobody f###### play with you, b####,” she said when he was facing assault, weapons violations and kidnapping charges.

WHEW! I am glad my mom is…not like his.