NBA YoungBoy Leaves J. Cole Hanging For 8 Hours In The Studio! A No-Show!

How do you do J. Cole like that?

The physical form of being left on read.

NBA YoungBoy literally showed J. Cole no respect in a recent almost studio session between the two rappers. Seems like J. Cole is looking to expand on his artistry by collaborating with the young rappers that he wants criticized. NBA YoungBoy, I guess, is one of those rappers.

But in a recent report, DJ Akademiks claims that NBA YoungBoy left J. Cole hanging for eight hours in the studio. Eventually, the rapper was a complete no-show. He left one of the top five rappers of the current era in the studio for eight long hours and eventually did not come at all! I can’t believe this fool!

Now, “why?” is the big question. Why would NBA YoungBoy do such a thing? Well it seems like NBA YoungBoy wasn’t feeling well or something was going on and he did not want to bring “negative energy“ to the studio with him. I am not exactly sure what that means, but it could be a positive thing. WHY NOT CALL J. COLE? If he was bringing some of that drama then it was good of him not to come to the studio.  Especially, if that drama was violent energy. I do think this would be a good thing for both parties, because let’s face it, nobody I know is checking for NBA YoungBoy to do some kind of lyrical exhibition. On the flipside, I am sure there are younger people who don’t know the true greatness of J. Cole.

At the end of the day, it was a moment missed and we may never know at this point. All I can say is, get your life together NBA YoungBoy and make music! Call that man!

Also, I know NBA is a highly streamed rapper…but buck up!! Leave after one hour.