Who Gave Rapper NBA YoungBoy Herpes?

Jania is sick of NBA YoungBoy claiming she gave him herpes.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The internet has been talking about a snippet of NBA YoungBoy’s latest unreleased track.

The rapper claims his baby mother Jania Jackson gave him herpes. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the rapper’s claims that his ex gave him this STD. 

Last year NBA said he contacted it through Jania and now he’s putting it out for the universe to hear. Talk about messy!

Jania responded to her ex on twitter with numerous tweets, to only delete them later. “I ain’t give nobody sh*t!” she stresses. “This lying sh*t getting OUT OF HAND and I’m sick of it,” she emphasizes.

We are too girl! I think NBA is deadass wrong for exposing his ex like that. 

Even if she did infect him, it is not his place to put her business out there like that. I mean, she is the mother of his child.

Even though her baby daddy is coming for her, she is still managing to live her best life. 


Is NBA extra for exposing Jania? Do you think he wants that old thing back? Usually when exes see the lady they played in the past enjoying life they try to hate and bring misery their way. What do y’all think?