Nelly Is Now Dragged Into The T.I. Allegations! But Listen Up And See What You Think.

This is all really odd…check out the latest round of allegations.

It looks like Nelly is in trouble! Kinda.

This T.I. situation is going to manifest itself in many ways. First of all let’s talk about Ant-Man 3. Disney just announced that the rapper will not appear in Ant-Man 3, the highly touted sequel to freaking Ant-Man 2. Tip was a prominent feature in the movie, for us Hip-Hop heads! We definitely liked seeing him, because he was representative of us at that time.

They won’t admit it, but it seems like the recent grave allegations against him, however true or false, have impacted his acting career. They say that he was never slated to return to the series, but I simply do not believe that. I think that they have passed judgment already and have decided that they no longer want someone who could be a potential liability to the brand to be in a Disney movie. Am I right? I don’t know! But it seems quite odd in timing that they would at this point in time decide he’s not in the movie.

So, here’s the other thing. It really seems like T.I. is going to be tried in the court of public opinion, because the people accusing him and their legal team are really going all out. Now what does this mean? I really don’t know I just know that there is an old adage that says “innocent until proven guilty.” Right now, T.I. nor Tiny has had a day in court to be proven guilty but recently those opposing them and accusing them have created a small documentary about the accusations. They are outlining it in visual form which is something I have never seen before.

I have to admit this information is quite damning! it looks really bad, even thought it us under 5 minutes! But, the fact remains is Tip is innocent until proven guilty, even if the court of public opinion weighs in on at all. I don’t really understand the whole situation because it really reminds me of the Bill Cosby case. I don’t know about the statue a limitation either, but the timing’s odd.I can’t call it, but I know that Tip has done some good work across the board, from albums to donating to “the people” to his political advocacy. He even fought Corona Virus!

OH! I almost forgot about Nelly! In the mini-documentary they mention Nelly! I can’t even speak it aloud! But they alleged that T.I. and Tiny forced a woman to have sex with Nelly. Does this sound right? This sounds CRAZY. They have Tip’s old dude Alfa Mega in there, but Tip literally isn’t the one that did the alleged rape. That was his artist, but they include Tip in there as if he did the heinous act.  Look at this….

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I dunno!

This years sucks already!