The NEW Sugar Hill Gang Is Not Getting Along!


(AllHipHop Rumors) AIN’T NOTHING SWEET IN SUGAR HILL! The Sugar Hill Gang really set off what we consider Hip-Hop on a commercial level and all respect is due to them for that. Now, there is a reality series called “The First Family of Hip-Hop” and it deals with Sugar Hill Records. Sugar Hill Records was founded by Sylvia Robinson and the show is about The Robinson Family. The premise of the how is about how the family is now looking for an “heir” to the company. Basically, the premise is, “Who is going to run Sugar Hill Records now” after Mama Sylvia paved the way.

However, this is all being recorded and chronicled on Bravo TV Sunday nights at 9pm. They are getting down and dirty after a pretty good showing the first week. Beef has sprouted up with Lady Luck letting off the first round. Check what she said on Instagram to her own cousin Lea!

Here is some more back story.

Here is Luck talking about Young MA and some other things around being ahead of the game.

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Is there another rumor in what she just said?

Anyway, if you thought Luck had stopped rhyming, you were wrong. She still has those bars!

I’m here for all this!

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