New Uterus-Shaped Cereal Turns Milk Red For Menstruation Wellness Awareness

Period crunch has been designed to be a menstrual conversation starter. (INTIMINA)

Period Crunch has been designed to be a menstrual conversation starter. But is this something you want to eat during breakfast?


There is a new cereal that turns milk read in an effort to bring about awareness about menstruation and menstrual health.

According to Essence magazine, Period Crunch is a uterus-shaped breakfast cereal that was launched in an effort to create conversation around the period women have.

This cereal is based on research that wellness brand INTIMINA has found, which says that most people are too embarrassed to talk about their period. They say 50% of women have not been able to talk about their menstrual cycle because they are too embarrassed and 77% have never mentioned it. They also said that 82% of people do not know where their uterus is.

So, the cereal is shaped like a uterus aka the womb. This was created by INTIMINA, a wellness brand. And Period Crunch cereal includes a number of informational data on the box to help people get knowledge of the internal reproductive system. I assume there’s no prize at the bottom or maybe they’ll surprise us and put a toy penis? I kid.

I will not continue to say the world is really weird. This is just another “sign.” However I will say this this particular brand and cereal is really something nobody asked for. I get that maybe this is the intended goal, to get a social media response and to go viral. But I do not think it is anything but disgusting to think about blood when I am about to eat my breakfast meal. Hopefully, cooler heads prevail and this is discontinued immediately. No supermarket will carry it anyway so its probably a hoax.

They do have sound reasoning for why they want to have this as a normal conversation but in the name of all that is holy and pure, we don’t want to be drinking or uterus blood or even eating a uterus.

Dr Shree Datta, gynaecologist for INTIMINA, says: “I’m delighted that INTIMINA has taken the bull by the horns and developed Period Crunch to help raise awareness of the ongoing social stigma around periods.

“Periods are a natural part of who we are, so it’s deeply concerning to hear that so many people remain uncomfortable discussing them when they are just another part of our health.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear that 25% of people have taught themselves about periods when there is support available. I look forward to Period Crunch kickstarting conversations and breaking down barriers over the breakfast table.”

Yahoo News
Period crunch has been designed to be a menstrual conversation starter. (INTIMINA)

I am sticking with this guy:

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