Nia Long Is Willing To Risk It All For J. Cole!


Larry King helped feed Nia Long’s ego recently as he asked her why her name was so heavily dropped in Hip Hop. King said,

“I’m told you’re mentioned in a lot of Hip Hop lyrics. Kanye West, J. Cole, A Tribe Called Quest. Why do they talk about you in Hip Hop music. Are you kind of a sex symbol?”

Nia replied saying,

“So I think the thing with me and Hip Hop music. Here’s the deal. So I grew up in a time where Puffy Combs was running night clubs in New York City, and Boys In The Hood Was out, and Heavy D.. you had Biggie Smalls, you had Tupac, and there was Boys In The Hood. This was an era where we were all sort of growing up in this business and kind of changed the game a little bit, and gave urban music, rap music, black films, we had a space to actually do our thing. And I think the rappers are just feeling Nia Long a little bit.”

Larry pointed out that J. Cole rapped,

“My only regret was too young for Nia Long.”

To which Nia replied saying,

“He’s really not too young. He just doesn’t know it.”

Nia is willing to risk it all. Maybe J. Cole’s wife will give him a hall pass. I mean it is Nia Long! LOL.