Nick Cannon Feels Hurt By The Black Community! We Got Your Back!

Nick Cannon is going through some things, but has the Black community abandoned him?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nick Cannon is going to have to walk this walk alone, in a great many ways, Nobody can really know what it is like to experience the sort of pressure he’s experiencing. I am not going to say a lot about the situation and what he should have done differently. 

Here is what I believe to be the truth. He does have the support of the Black community. Yes, I think people wanted him to hold that position despite the onslaught from the white, Jewish, and even some in the Black communities. None of us are going to lose revenue, jobs opportunities and future punishment for holding it down like that. Only Nick Cannon.

I do not think he’s been abandoned by the Black community as a whole. He may look at 50 Cent with the side-eye since the Queens rapper really gave him the business on social media. People are riding with Nick, but he cannot see it right now in the moment. 

Some people have speculated that he may even be suicidal, something I pray is not true. Tamar Braxton’s alleged suicide attempt did not help out at all. So, now there is an outpouring of love. I hope Nick sees it.