Nick Cannon’s Rabbi Interview Is Here, Professor Griff Speaks

Nick Cannon is back in the news, this time in a conversation with Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The day of reckoning has come for Nick Cannon. The rapper has published a full interview with Rabbi Abraham Cooper on his Cannon Class. All of this comes out of the ashes of the incident where an interview with Professor Griff of Public Enemy fame went horribly wrong. In that interview, Nick Cannon made reference to white people as being “savage,” (isn’t every body a savage these days? Megan? 21? Beyonce?) and Black people being the real “Semites,” among other things. This interview here is supposed to be a reconciliation of sorts and a very big apology to the Jewish community.

But what is it really? I am not sure because I have yet to see the entire video but from what I have seen it looks like a way to undermine Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Also, the holocaust’s horror is re-stated. Now that is what I have gotten from Cliff Notes. I am going to see for myself as to what it really is. But it does not seem like Nick was able to withstand forces against him.

What would’ve been more interesting to me, being honest, is a healthy dialogue between the rabbi and Minister Farrakhan. I believe that would’ve been more productive because these are the actual factions that are at war with each other. Nick Cannon is just an entertainer that got caught in the middle of something much bigger than he is. So check out the video and let me know what you think.

Through all of this, I am curious about the status of the Dr. Sebi documentary that Nick was supposed to be completing after the death of Nipsey Hussle. I suspect this documentary will not get made at this point because it is highly controversial. I do think Nick is doing the right thing for his own life and career. I also think this is probably a good step in the right direction because there’s a perception that Black people hate Jewish people and that simply is not true. But it seems like Nick is being bullied.

All this time most people are not mentioning that Professor Griff was also the other person in that interview. And Professor Griff definitely has had something to say since the very very beginning. No Professor Griff is a little more difficult to explain because he was accused of being an anti-Semite around 30 years ago. In fact, he was ousted from the group public enemy for being such. That is all water under the bridge and he is now cool with Chuck D and Flavor Flav again, Nick Cannon is just but the group was never quite the same.