Nicki Minaj And Caresha Go Back And Forth And Diddy Gets Mentioned

Nicki Minaj / YouTube

Nicki Minaj essentially says “Caresha please” when Yung Miami drops some slang she says originated with Queen Radio.

Here we go again!

Nicki Minaj took exception to something on Elon Musk’s Twitter and it involves Caresha, Diddy and the gays.

Here’s how it went down. Caresha posted this:

After the post, people were loving it. They were laughing and carrying on. It got a lot of traction online. I did not watch it myself, FYI. I was just not in the mood to disrupt Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, there’s a phrase in the video I did not watch. And Nicki said that it is HER Queen Radio phrase. She essentially checked her young counterpart. Check it.

So here’s the full scoop.

On Wednesday (May 24), Yung Miami gave a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of her talk show, “Caresha Please,” featuring Summer Walker. The episode hits tomorrow – May 25.

Minaj took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the trailer, possibly jokingly hitting Diddy with a message about it all. Nicki said Caresha has borrowed from Queen Radio. Yung Miami promptly responded, stating that she didn’t get the catchphrase from Minaj and explained that it was actually a slang term used within the gay community.

After all this happened, Caresha hits her stop mentioning it at all. Then, Nicki jumped back on her case, stating that gay slang was an excuse. She also said she would love to have her on the show. Mo ratings! Diddy has remained silent on Twitter. Yung Caresha said she’s on the way to her man!