Nicki Minaj Fans Upset At The Grammys Over Megan, Beyonce And Cardi B

Nicki is out living the mothers life, but her fans think she deserved a Grammy!

Nicki Minaj has some of the most brutal fans known to humankind. The Barbs, as they are called, brutalize people through social media, emojis and hurt speak. They particularly are annoyed by those that like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion as the two women that have more or less replaced Nicki Minaj. Clearly, there’s no way you can replace Nicki Minaj, but that space is definitely occupied by these two at the moment. We all know that Nicki Minaj is now a married woman with a child, so she is on pause anyway.

But the question is is why are they mad? Tonight both Meg and Cardi be performed at the Grammys. Megan Thee Stallion won big on numerous occasions, performed and also was joined by Beyoncé on stage. It was a glorious night for her and many others, including Cardi B. They did a really good job too, I must admit! So why would anyone be mad at that? Haters!

I was told to look at the Instagram accounts for TheShadeRoom and Bossip to see was being talked about and in the comments, it’s crazy. You would’ve thought that Nicki Minaj got dissed by one of those other two ladies but that simply isn’t the case. They were just doing them at the music award show of the year. I am dead-ass not sure what Nicki did or did not do this year in music, but I honestly do not think it was much. She was pregnant most of the time.

Anyway, here are some of the comments and they are not all going at Cardi & Meg.

“They way Nicki is treated in the industry is messed up. Sometimes I feel bad for sis but anyways Congrats to Megan and Beyoncé ❤️”

“Wow! Congrats to her but damn how come Nicki hasn’t gotten one yet”

“Congrats to Meg and Beyoncé. But how tf every female rapper gets a Grammy before Nicki. It just seems so easy. & You don’t even have to be her fan to see how messed up the Grammys are.”

“F##k all these h#es! Hail the Queen!”

“Cardi’s butt looked like it was sagging and how often is Megan gonna wear that same tired outfit??

By the way, The Grammys damn near begged Bey to perform, but she declined. She was not expected to show up, but she did unexpectedly to break a few records. She and Jay were right there in the cut! Jay is a classy dude. Bey is the queen…hands down. By the way, Blue Ivy got her own Grammy as well. THE CARTERS!

By the way, Lil Baby definitely got robbed.

Check out his performance!