Nicki Minaj Gets Blasted By Her Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter!


(AllHipHop Rumors) People are still turning their backs on Nicki Minaj, and folks are wasting no time at continuing to blast her.

Nicki has been at the receiving end of criticism over the years for her choices of plastic surgery alterations.

A blind man could see that Nicki has some fake ASSets with her azz and breasts.

Dr. Miami has already sent shots Nicki’s way after Nicki felt like he was insinuating that she got work done at his office.

It looks like someone else decided to take shots at Nicki about her alleged “work”.

Someone who claims to be the daughter of Nicki Minaj’s surgeon took time out to put her on blast.

“U have permanent scars possibly permanent implants that can no longer be reversed and even health issues bcus of it. My dad is ur doc. He told me ur in constant pain medications Bcus u had a butt infection recently & back problems due to breast implants. Said one time not long ago u had ur stomach pumped from pain in my stomach issues u were having which were early stages of an overdose. Also said u had permanent rockhard areas in ur butt due to injecting silicone over butt implants. Said u had to get blood drained out of ur butt bcus of an infection u got due to a implant in ur body that ruptured. He said sometimes u don’t accept and refuse urgent blood tests bcus u know ull test positive for cocaine,” said @LittoThot.

This person may not really be Nicki’s surgeon’s daughter because I refuse to believe that the individual would be this dumb to put her father’s career at jeopardy. Medical files and details are supposed to remain confidential.

I know Meek is somewhere probably laughing like he told us about Nicki’s azz allegedly dropping. Carry on.

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