Is Nicki Minaj Refusing To Respond To Remy Ma Period?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp it looks like Nicki Minaj is punking out of this rap beef with Remy Ma.

Nicki we are so disappointed in you! I mean to most, it looks like the girl is scared, and after Remy killed her on, “ShETHER” I really can’t think of a single thing that Nicki could say about Remy that could make her win this round.

Like Remy hit below the belt for over 6 minutes. What could Nicki possibly say? Apparently some folks in Nicki’s crew are saying that a Remy diss/ response track is never coming because they don’t want to give the “broke b-tch” the time.

It literally looks like Nicki is SCARED! Some of the Barbz are trying to say Nicki has too much to lose with going back at Remy. Some even say that she could even risk losing money and endorsements.

According to MediaTakeOut, an insider is saying that Nicki isn’t coming off of her “Rap Queen” thrown to address Remy. Now you know how MTO does, so here we go….

“We are not giving that broke b-tch any light. Her career was ShETHERED when she went to jail. She came out with that old 1995 flow, and the song was whack. There weren’t any real bars in it, she was just spitting some old MediaTakeOut gossip to a Nas beat. In a week no one is gonna be talking about that song, cause it’s whack. People are just talking about it cause of the gossip in it which is all LIES by the way. Once people get over the gossip, no one is going to be bumping it. Nicki could destroy her, but why. It would only make that dumb b-tch more relevant. We’d rather watch her starve. That b-tch is gonna be on EBT soon. We’re going to continue to make hit songs, and hit movies,” said the insider.

Do you think it will all just boil over? Do you think weeks and years later it will be a memorable diss, and we’ll still be looking back saying Remy killed Nicki? Is Nicki wack for not responding? Word on the curb is that Nicki still has some kind of revenge planned though.

Apparently Nicki feels like she may have lost the battle, but she’s surely going to win the war. What are your thoughts?