Nicki Minaj Twerks While Eating Chinese Food

Nicki Minaj / YouTube

Nicki Minaj continues to entice with her sexy ways. Check out the latest and let us know what you think about her twerking while eating Chinese.

Nicki Minaj remains to be one of the most iconic, fashionable, lyrical artist of our times. She’s continually pushing the envelope as an artist through her social media, as well as her music. Recently, she got accolades for showcasing Trinidadian culture at Carnival and I think that gave her some lift.

As she keeps it moving, she’s done a recent photo shoot that showcases more of her talents. In this particular photo shoot, she is taking a picture in an Asian-inspired garb, eating Chinese food on a dinner table. She has some chopsticks in her hand, and eventually starts to twerk.

Obviously, Nicki looks great but I was wondering if she will garner any sort of controversy around this photo shoot. We are in an era where cultural appropriation is on the menu and a lot of people might consider that this. What do you think? I think Hip-Hop has always been this melting pot of different cultures but as we move forward and are critical of others, eventually that MIGHT turn back on us. I’m not sure the Chinese people care the same way that Black people do, but they are not a monolith either. I’m quite sure somebody’s going to say something. In the meantime, tell me what you think about the visuals in this picture. I would love to get some time with Nicki because she’s so interesting to me.

Swipe for the booty pop.

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By the way, she is still the reigning streaming queen, even if its been a long time since her last album.