Nicki Minaj’s Ex To Land His Own Reality Show?


It looks like Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree could be getting his own reality show. About what though? Being Nicki Minaj’s ex????? He did say that he won’t be on Love & Hip Hop because it’s not his style. Is this guy too corny to be on your screen or will he be great for television. We really don’t want or need music from Safaree, so I don’t know if this show is necessary either!

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24 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj’s Ex To Land His Own Reality Show?”

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  2. good for him for all those that doubted that son couldn’t stand on his own two and that oh no song is tough he got his own show he created a new musical genre trap-hall son is making big moves big ups my youth BROOKLYN

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  4. I’d watch it. Real shit tho. . . If he was that bad then why is big Sean performing his song word for word beat for beat on his latest album? Ijs, your song makes it to the next guy and main stream release you doing something right.

    The song is called paradise

  5. I don’t get why people go out of their way to disrespect this guy. Implying that he may be too corny, is very corny of you, when you don’t know him.

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