Nicki Minaj’s Spouse’s Rape Victim Is Talking And…It’s A LOT, A LOT.

Nicki Minaj and her man have some serious crisis management to contend with as a woman claiming to be his rape victim has started talking.

SOOOOOOOOOO…Nicki Minaj is a mother now. She is married now. She seems to be happy now. I am wondering if she is going to ever find some real peace in this world, because every time it is time to “move on,” something brings back the drama. Now, we already know the mainstream doesn’t care about Black women. So, do not expect this to make headlines like countless others. We all have our relationships, so I get it. But right now, the woman that was raped by Nicki’s spouse is apparently talking.

Now, for those that don’t know, when Kenneth Petty was a teen in 1995, he was found guilty of raping a woman. He had a knife on a woman…well let me let her tell it. I have not verified the authenticity of this audio but the person is either telling the truth of one HELL OF AN ACTOR.

The other part of this whole thing…is she says “goons” have been harassing her and her family. This is crazy! The woman has adult kids. She said they want her to recant her story totally so that dude can get his charges reversed. This is nuts!

She also says that Nicki Minaj tried to pay her off to completely say she lied. The woman refuses to do that and basically says just leave me alone.

Here is what a lawyer had to say:

Disclaimer: I do not practice in federal court or New York or California. However, I am familiar with the overall criminal appeals process and interstate SO register compacts.

The point I was trying to make is that you typically cannot defend a failure to register allegation by attacking the original conviction. If she recants now, it won’t do anything to help him beat this failure to register case. Its a valid requirement because regardless of his actual factual guilt, he was convicted — because he pled — of an offense that imposed that requirement. “SEE — I shouldve never been on the register!” is not a defense to that charge.

Attacking the original conviction is going to be tricky. He pled so typically ways to attack the conviction are few. Maybe he could argue it was an involuntary plea because he had a bad lawyer, maybe, but I think the state would raise an objection called “laches” which is where the other party says “you lose because you waited too long to say something”. And I’m not sure that her recantation would help an involuntary plea attack. Maaaaybe he could say his lawyer shouldve investigated the case more. Thats a reach imo.

Lastly, regardless of the amount of coercion Petty did or didn’t use or how much she may have “participated’ in the offense — she was too young to consent to that. so for her to give a statement that would clear him of all guilt shed essentially have to say nothing at all happened ever. The version Petty’s supporters put out multiple times that they “were dating” still makes what she said took place a crime.

I have no opinion abt the witness’ credibility. She may very well be telling the truth. All I’m saying is her recanting now will probably do little for Petty in his defense of the registry case or in overturning his conviction.

This is all rumors…until proven otherwise.