Did Nipsey Hussle Have A Break Baby On Lauren London?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Who would cheat on Lauren London?

Word on the street is Nipsey Hussle allegedly cheated on Lauren London and now has a side/break baby. Say it ain’t so.

Apparently the mother of the baby girl is currently awaiting a paternity test.

Rumors spread that their was trouble in paradise a few months ago when Nipsey and Lauren welcomed their first child together. There were even rumors that Nipsey was creeping around with another woman and another one of his baby mamas.

The couple quickly clapped back assuring everyone that all was well with them and their relationship. If Nipsey really does have a new break baby, he certainly won’t be the first or last rapper or entertainer to have one. We just wonder how this will affect their relationship.

Will Lauren London stick around?