Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Gets A Hit-Like Judgement In Court

Nipsey Hussle

RIP NIP! A judge seemingly condemned Eric Holder, the murderer of Nipsey, to the worst life or death under the sun.

Nipsey Hussle’s killer Eric Holder is going to have a rough ride going forward.

There are a number of reasons why, but when a judge gets involved in the condemnation, you already know it is going to be horrific. And that’s exactly what happened. In a recent court case, where they were admonishing holder, a judge made a commentary on the situation that essentially put the hit on Holder.

He said once he gets to prison “it’s a greenlight from all the gangs,” and that is a direct quote!  I think it’s pretty crazy that a judge would even speak like that, but we are in a new age and this is not the old days with Judge Judy or something. This is a new era where people have grown up in hip-hop, gang culture is normalized, and most people know what time it is. And the time is retribution time! Eric Holder took away one of our most revered superstars in Hip-Hop. Nipsey Hussle was on the rise and he was a KING! I am mad just thinking about it right now!

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Now, some have speculated that this is not the judge, but it does not matter to me. Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke is the one that sentenced Holder to 60 years to life last week. Whoever said it, said what they MFn said. And, that sounds great to me. I am not suggesting I want him to die a horrible death, but if he does, I assure y’all I’ll sleep like a baby.

RIP Ermias Asghedom!

OK Green Light Gang…