Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Bobby Brown In Rehab and Rick Ross Supports Ocho Cinco!


Bobby Brown is in rehab.

Weird. I was just talking to a kid about Bobby Brown in a story where his music was playing. The kid, familiar with the song, called Brown “that man with the funny jaw” to let me know he knew who the New Edition singer was. Welp! The kid was very on point since Brown is now in rehab, according to His wife confirmed the rumors and let them know that he’s “doing great.” How is doing great in rehab talk? He’s not driving drunk, me thinks. Anyway, he was arrested for DUI in March and had to get help for his addiction.

Rick Ross Hops On The Wrong Side Of History!

What’s going on with Rozay? I guess he feels a certain way because he has been through so much in his career with his baby moms and beef. With Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson seemingly losing it all right now (job, TV show, wife), Rick Ross lended him an encouraging word on twitter. Its a little too hot for that right now, me thinks.

Anyway, here:

I’m just going to assume that Rozay doesn’t think its cool to headbutt your wife so hard that you give her stitches.