Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is James “Batman Massacre” Holmes Acting Insane To Save His Life?


People speculated that James Holmes was on meds when he appeared “in and out” of reality in a recent courtroom appearance. So, they were like this dude is so crazy that he’s heavily medicated. The only thing is, dude wasn’t on anything, according to court and jail officials. “It just doesn’t work like that. If he was acting sleepy, he was faking it,” a source with the NY Daily News revealed. But, what if he’s actually crazy? I personally don’t think that people should be excused from the death penalty even if they are considered insane. I think he’s going to be regarded as fit for trial. If you can buy, load up mad guns, to kill mad people you can do a trial. Dude may have just been depressed like “What did I get myself into.” Idiot.

They need to whulp his a$$ in jail. He’s only 24.