Do Not Ask Chris Brown About Karrueche!


(AllHipHop Rumors) As you know TMZ’s paparazzi has no chill, and they are always on a mission to get down to the truth, troll, or find out what’s really going on. LOL.

One of their camera men caught up with Chris Brown and decided to ask him what’s the deal with the restraining order Karrueche filed against him, as she cited that her former lover, Chris, threatened to kill her and previously abused her.

C. Breezy was partying Thursday night with what some have described as a Karrueche look-alike. Surprisingly Brown remained calm as he tried to drive off and avoid being questioned about the incident, and Karrueche’s claims.

Remember Karrueche accused Chris of pushing her down stairs, punching her in the stomach, and even threatening to kill her. She also claims that Chris has been warning folks that if he can’t have her, no one can.

Karrueche must have an award-winning personality and v## because lawd, he still isn’t over her.

As Chris was leaving 1 OAK, he was in no mood to talk about the claims. I’m actually surprised that he didn’t get out the car and “Run It” on the paps. Yall aren’t gonna make me forget that he beat the brakes off of Rihanna and threw that chair through Good Morning America’s window either.

Well there’s three sides to every story, and here, clearly someone is lying. Whose side are you on?