NYC Street Legend Accused Of Attempted Murder!

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A street legend turned podcaster has been arrested for attempted murder. But, was it self defense?

I’m not from New York so I’m not 100% familiar with Sub-0. But I quickly became familiar with him because he got involved in a situation with Jadakiss. I kind of forgot the origins of that situation, but I don’t forget the vibe I felt when I heard it I’ll never forget how intimidating Sub-0 was when he talked to Jadakiss. It was almost as if he had no respect for one of Hip Hop‘s greatest artist.I knew he was the real deal. So, there is some somber news to report about Sub-0. Essentially, folks are saying that he was arrested and is now incarcerated Rikers island for attempted murder. Whether or not the truth is to be seen. 

Right now, they are launching a go fund me in order to help him out and possibly get him out sooner than the slow wheels of justice will allow. Also, Sub-0 is known for his legendary DVDs in New York City. I never saw them however they are legendary because I have heard of them.

It’s my understanding that he is former friends with the late Alpo Martinez. As you know, Alpo was a legendary street dude himself, who eventually became a witness. Anyway, Sub-0 evolves from a DVD legend to a Podcaster. His podcast were pretty wild.

Here’s what the GoFundMe says about the case:

Under New York Law, Penal Law §35.15, a person is justified in using physical force against another when that person is under the reasonable belief that the physical force is necessary to defend the person or another person from what the person reasonably believes to be the illegal imminent use of force or the illegal use of force. 

Yet on July 15th, our friend Ronald Branch, AKA Sub 0°, The DVD Legend was arrested in New York City by NYPD officers. He is being charged unfairly for protecting himself against a hateful attacker over a privately-leased parking spot due to his ever-growing celebrity status.

You may know Sub 0° through his years of DVD production and most recently though his super popular podcast that has almost 6 million views and counting. Ronald has been a staple in his Harlem community; and for decades has entertained the masses with his exclusive interviews with some of today’s Hip-Hop super stars and legends!

Most recently Ronald’s podcast highlighted the unfair treatment of citizens within urban communities after Rap Legend, Styles P went viral for defending a person of color being manhandled by police for what is believed to have been an alleged minor traffic violation. 

It comes as no surprise that Ronald, after defending himself from an attacker, would also be the victim of harassment and brutality from NYPD officers who chose to target him solely because of his most recent podcast. 

Because NYPD is still in possession of Ronald’s belongings and refusing to release them to his family; we need your help.

We currently are raising funds to help Ronald cover the initial expenses while we assess the charges filed and what his on-going legal fees are expected to be. We’ll update the details and dollar amount of the GoFundMe as more details and costs become clear. For now, anything you can contribute to help keep Ronald active in his work would be much appreciated.

Help Sub 0° protect his right to defend himself and his right to free speech.


Here are some YouTube reports.

This dude is white, but he is the person the taped it. He said, “Be glad nobody died.”

Here Sub-0 discusses the Jadakiss beef and a fight with Fendi (Nicki Minaj’s old manager). Good stories.