OG Maco Claps Back At Those Ridiculing Him For Losing An Eye


Rapper OG Maco has had it hard since the release of his hit “U Guessed It.” Recently he was involved in a pretty serious car accident that caused him to lose his right eye.

Not only did OG Maco lose his right eye, but he also suffered from a cracked vertebrae, heart palpitations, broken eye socket, and multiple skull fractures.

Because we live in a very crazy world (which is evident on social media), many took time out to poke fun and crack jokes about OG Maco losing his eye. Some even called him a “Fetty Wap.”

OG Maco did clap back at haters and the negative folks, but he also kept it positive and humorous as he said,

“On the bright side, my plastic surgeon says I can’t get any uglier so fixing my face should be easy.”

As far as his response to negative individuals he took to Instagram to reply by saying,

“Y’all bastards had all these jokes like I really didn’t lose a eye real quick. I don’t mind. Just remember I never did a thing to you. ?? To see a world where the do-ers and dreamers are ridiculed more than losers and conformity is to worse than missing an eye.”

Prayers up for OG Maco!