Old Young Jack Harlow And Lil Kim “Picture” Trends Instantly

Jack Harlow

A picture of “young Jack Harlow” and Lil Kim has the internet in stitches. 😂😭

Jack Harlow is one of the biggest and brightest names in Hip-Hop. But it wasn’t always the case! At some point he was a young upstart and fan of the culture and then grew into it.

That said, a lot of people have some jokes for him today. Because of the Twitter algorithm, I thought it was something that was real. Because a picture with Lil Kim and a little boy is pretty cool, right? And then I saw the picture, in my periphery. And then, I paid attention.

After that I had to laugh!. Look at this picture!

At first glance it looks like it could be just a kid with Lil Kim as a youngster, but on further analysis it looks like a girl. The funny thing is, it could be Jack Harlow because most of us had goofy young pictures when we were kids. But that ain’t DJ Drama’s artist!

And then the comments come. And they are hilarious.

By the way, somewhere in life these other people, including the little girl with Kim, ARE REAL PEOPLE!

Regardless it doesn’t matter if it is or is not Jack Harlow, but it would be kind of funny if it was him.

Like they say: the Internet is undefeated!