Did One Of Young Dolph’s Shooters Just Snitch On Himself?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wait a minute!

See folks are always talking way too much on social media. While the details about the Young Dolph shooting that took place in Charlotte, N.C. are still all over the place, it looks like someone is snitching on themselves.

Some guy took to Instagram and said this rap beef sh-t needs to end. It sounded like a good point until he began to speak on the Young Dolph and Yo Gotti situation.

“I’m tired of hearing this sh-t with Young Dolph, Yo Gotti. I told a n-gga before all of this stuff happened, that my homie Gotti was going to put the pressure down; the pressure already been applied. All that talking you doing Dolph it’s war time. N-gga don’t want to hear about no bullet proof and all that. You steady talking about how a n-gga miss with 100 shots. N-gga your f-cking car was bullet proof mane…Your f-cking car was bullet proof mane; n-ggas sent shots through that b-tch mane. N-gga I ain’t miss…. N-ggas better pay attention to what the f-ck is going on,” said the guy.

I’m just going to tell myself that he didn’t really say he didn’t miss, and he really said “n-ggas didn’t miss”. Yep that’s what I’m going to go with because if he said that he didn’t miss… Lawd.

Either way, he’s definitely earned him a ride to the police department for questioning, and most believe he was “snitching” all through the video. What are your thoughts on the video, and what are your thoughts on the “no snitching” mindset overall?

It’s all senseless if you ask me. Carry on.


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