Papoose’s Baby Mama Claims He’s A Deadbeat Dad


Photo via Papoose’s Instagram

While Papoose and Remy Ma have been celebrating their marriage, and Papoose has been looking like a great father and husband, his baby mama (@Ahmillah_camillah) paints a different picture. She got into an argument with a woman on Instagram. In the back in forth, she claims Papoose doesn’t take care of her kids by him. She goes on to say she doesn’t even know the last time he has even seen his kids. She says,

“He don’t do sh*t for my kids & I don’t know whens the last time he even seen his f*cking kids. Let him play step daddy mines great.”

Another source claims that Papoose hasn’t ever been a loyal guy as he allegedly cut off all of his old friends in Brooklyn and left his baby mama and four children to be with Remy. The source also claims that Papoose was still messing with the mother of his children while Remy was locked up. Hmmmmmm. What are your thoughts?