Peep Which Artist Is Chris Brown’s Dream Collaboration & Dance Battle Opponent


(AllHipHop Rumors) Make it happen Breezy!

Chris Brown has revealed that his dream collaboration at this point in his career would be with none other than Queen Beyonce! That’s not all though. He says he’d also like to do some kind of dance-off or sequence with her “for the culture”.

“At this point it’s all about trying to do some legendary sh-t! Obviously the top female performer is Beyonce. So for me that would be epic if we did some dope dance sh-t. Just for the culture…. She gonna represent though. She gonna do her thang. You know ima do my thang too. She dope, and I’m dope,” said Brown.

While this obviously could be epic, it actually may never happen because despite Breezy’s continued success musically, he still has a damaged reputation.

Fans seem to feel that Chris should dream on, and that he ruined his chances of such a collaboration after beating Rihanna in 2009.

I’m pretty sure Jay Z is still NOT over that. There’s no doubt that Breezy and Bey are two of the biggest artists on the planet, but it seems like this may NEVER happen.

Do you think Bey would overlook his faults and do the collab, or is it too big of a risk to her brand?

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