What Genius But Damaged Rapper Has A Documentary Coming Out?


I am not sure what to call Charles Hamilton, but I’m just going to call him a damaged genius. We could even call him a genie for the way him comes and goes as an artist. But, intel has come and we’re aware that Charles Hamilton, the rapper that has endured humiliation, addiction and great highs as a rap artist, will be the subject of a documentary about his life. The details are scant, but I believe him be worthy of such and honor based solely on what we know about him online. Charles has been through it all. He’s battled, made some solid gains as an artist, but unfortunately has seen some serious lows that have also been examined under the ill scrutiny of the internet.

Remember when his girlfriend, punched him and he didn’t punch back? He had no recourse, but everybody had an opinion.

Last year, CH would give the background info on that infamous punch…and the punch to a cop that landed him in jail.

Charles Hamilton is dope. I hope that he can make that much-deserved mixtape.