People Are Mad Over DJ Envy’s Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting Opinions!


Have a heard Envy! She was 16!

It looks like we’re going to get into the controversy again, this time with DJ envy of the breakfast club. As you know a 16-year-old girl was shot and killed by the police, while wielding a knife against another girl. It is a long and complicated story that I am not about to summarize right now. However, the girl in question should be alive. Her name was Ma’Khia Bryant and she was shot several times because she had a knife. She used it in an offensive manner against another female, who was much older.

Game Says It Is Just Too Hard To Raise Black Children In The United States After Death Of Ma’Khia Bryant

None of that really matters to me, because she should be alive. Anyway, Dr. Umar Johnson appeared again on the Breakfast Club to talk about a number of things, including Ma’Khia Bryant. And DJ Envy jumped in and essentially said that he was on the side of the cups. He said that if the other girl was his daughter and someone was attacking her with a knife then he would want the cops to handle “their business” just like they did with Ma’Khia Bryant. MURDER THO? I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but people are in an uproar over this. So, look at what he said for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.

That said, I think I know what envy was trying to say, but he said it completely wrong. Like 1000% wrong. This all goes back to what we CALL  social, and political EDUCATION. I think he was speaking out of turn and from a place of emotions. As a father, nobody wants their child to be stabbed, but at the same time this is not the topic that you want to be shooting from the hip from. No pun intended!

Also, what if it was his child that was the aggressor or the one defending herself? Would he be ok with her being SHOT mad times by the COPS? I know not!

This is what he said the first time!

At any rate the interview with Doctor Umar is an interesting one and I recommend you watching it. Check it out below and let me know what you think about that as well.

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