Did Pharrell Kick Kim Burrell Off Of Their Ellen Set?


(AllHipHop Rumors) While people are certainly free to express their opinion, they may want to think twice especially when it can affect one’s opportunity and one’s coins.

Well Pastor/Gospel artist Kim Burrell had to learn the hard way after one of her sermons containing hateful and homophobic comments went viral.

Many Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin [according to the bible], so it’s hard to be surprised or alarmed at Kim’s rant.

What really got people upset was the fact that she said homosexuals were going to die in 2017 because of their perverted sin.

Considering the fact that Kim hasn’t won one Grammy or sold a significant amount of records, she messed up big time. Maybe an appearance on Ellen could’ve taken her mainstream [probably not lol].

Anyway, Kim was cut from her performance alongside Pharrell on The Ellen Show in support of their music from the ‘Hidden Figures’ film soundtrack.

Pharell & Janelle Monae have both spoken out condemning Kim’s hate speech. Janelle and Ellen have both let it be known that Kim will NOT be appearing on Ellen’s show.

The question is who cut Kim? Was it Pharrell? Ellen? Or both?

While Ellen, who is openly gay, won’t be giving Burrell a platform to spew her hate speech against homosexuals, it would’ve been entertaining to see Ellen get in Kim’s azz. #Pause!