Signs: Crazy Atlanta Truck Driver Runs Over People Until Cops Come

Mathboi Fly Crime Scene

A man strikes several innocent pedestrians in a busy Atlanta street in an attempt to escape the police.

According to several news reports, an incident occurred where a truck driver, in an attempt to evade an officer who had apprehended him for performing donuts at a bustling intersection in Atlanta, ended up striking a group of pedestrians. This fool was already in the wrong, but tried to get away.

A video that was shared on the AllHipHop IG showed this black Ford F150 pickup moving about a bustling ATL street on a Sunday evening. The truck was surrounded by halted traffic and onlookers, but that did not stop him from doing the unthinkable.

Spectators recording the scene were cursing at the driver after he hit those poor pedestrians, but actually cheered when the Georgia state trooper pulled up on the scene. The truck BOLTED, altering its course to the spectators. Multiple individuals were hit by the truck, and others managed to escape unscathed.

The state trooper employed a technique known as a pit maneuver to collide with the F150 which caused the truck to skid to a halt. Swiftly, the trooper drew his firearm and leaped onto the hood of his own vehicle. He pulled the perp out of the car without further incident.

I hope he has a great lawyer, because he’s going away! This is just another Sign The World Is Coming To An End!

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