Playboi Carti Blasts Tory Lanez Over Unauthorized Remix!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like everyone isn’t always flattered by remixes of their songs!

Tory Lanez is an artist that has an affinity for remixing other people’s music! Despite the fact that some of his remixes have been solid, he’s still faced some backlash for it, and one artist that was not with it was Playboi Carti!

Apparently it all started with Tory reached out to Playboi Carti’s producer, Pierre Bourne, to use the “Magnolia” beat for a remix. Welp it looks like Pierre wasn’t having it!

Y’all know Tory Lanez always does what he wants to do, so he decided to ignore Pierre’s wishes and went on to remix the track anyway.

Lanez dropped his “Magnolia (Swave Session) remix yesterday. The singer-rapper even opened the track with a shot,

“Why yes, f-ck you too,” said Tory.

Carti and Pierre definitely had some responses for Tory Lanez. Pierre flipped Lanez off a few times, and Carti tells Lanez,

“We don’t do that remix sh-t, don’t remix my sh-t.”

It didn’t stop there! Pierre decided to pin a since-removed tweet that said “#LameNiggaz’ with Tory’s remix! Awww man. LOL.

Y’all know Tory doesn’t care. LOL! Are Carti & Pierre making a big deal out of nothing?!

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