Playboi Carti Finessed Kanye West Out Of $2M—Not Adin Ross?

Playboi Carti

YesJulz gonna get another cease and desist letter after this one!

Playboi Carti appeared to be playing Robin Hood when he finessed streamer Adin Ross out of $2 million earlier this year, except he robbed the hood and Kanye West.

According to YesJulz, well somewhat, West had a deal in place similar to the one Carti made with Ross in February to do a stream. If you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Carti pocketed $2 million for six minutes of airtime on stream with Ross.

21 Savage actually pressed Ross about the entire situation as well because he had previously did a stream with him and didn’t receive nearly the same payday—even though he stayed for the entire stream.

And while the Playboi Carti stream actually went down, albeit briefly, West didn’t even make it past the ideation stage. Long story short, Carti didn’t really block West’s bag, but Ross didn’t really honor his obligation to furnish West’s bag either. Again, this is where YesJulz comes in because apparently the same $2 million Ross handed over to Carti, West was going to split and bust down with the kids. But that didn’t happen—allegedly.

“I was talking to Adin about doing a stream with Ye and we were going to do it,” YesJulz said in part in a video stream. “Adin was going to pay a million and then pay another million to charity. But, he ended up not coming through on the second million to charity and he said something kind of slick. And, we decided not to do it because we didn’t feel could trust…”

So who’s the real bad guy here? Is it Ross for frivolously spending and snubbing charitible donation in favor of the Vamp leader’s presence? Is it Ye for backing out of the stream? Or is it YesJulz for yet again breaking her rumored $8 million NDA?

Check out the post below and decide for yourself.