Plies Shares A Message About Homosexuality & Retiring!


Photo via Plies’ Instagram

Funny man Plies took to his Instagram to do an Insta press conference about him retiring in 2016. The rapper isn’t retiring from making music, but instead from giving oral sex in the new year. He says he looks at it like Kobe did.

“He said he woke up one morning and the love for the game just wasn’t there anymore. I woke up one morning and the love for eating p*ssy just wasn’t there anymore. Yall gave Kobe a farewell too. I want a m*therf*ckin’ farewell.”

Plies is a fool! He also had a few words for people who aren’t comfortable with their sexuality as he said,

“If you m*therf*ckin’ gay own that sh*t. I don’t care nothing bout it. I’m not homophobic.”

Plies says be yourself man!