PNB Rock’s Alleged Killer Leaves Cryptic Message Before Arrest 

PNB Rock

PNB Rock is gone. And three others are in jail for his murder. Before he was a arrested the father of the suspect left a cryptic message. Read it here.

“This not what I wanted for him. If I could go back, I would.”

Freddie Lee Trone, 40, was captured in Las Vegas.

PNB Rock is dead and the suspects are now in custody. The last suspect, a father, is now in custody along with his wife and his son. I think the bar has dropped beneath the ground, as low as we are now. 1 dead. 3 in jail.

This, however, it is exactly where we are. But if you look at the first sentence of this article, you will realize that something is awry. Prior to his capture, the father, through his Instagram, posted that message. Cryptic, but clear. He was expressing regret and also guilt – seemingly. This does not bode well for his chances as a trial looms. “You have the right to remain silent” is not just a cliché.

Anyway, you can’t be dealing with a dumber bunch of people. Somehow, a mother, father and son allegedly got together and murdered a star rapper in broad day. Is simply doesn’t get much dumber than that. Or savage. Nobody thought, “Aye Mayne…maybe we shouldn’t do that.”

Anyway, he went private on Instagram, but didn’t bother to change his profile. So, let’s analyze the profile.

“Inglewood always up to no good – Blood on the streets Blood on the rocks Blood in the gutter Every last drop.”

He also had this logo as his profile picture. Thoughts?