Prodigy’s Daughter Santana Fox Disses Flee Lord, BUT WHY!?!

Santana Fox has hit with a splash…beefing with Flee Lord!

Rest in peace Prodigy.

Well, we are looking at a new day. A new day is here and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. This is not the days of Mobb Deep, this is a new day. So let’s get it started…

Prodigy has a daughter and her name is Santana Fox. And Santana Fox is a rapper, that raps! Another rapper is Flee Lord. Flee Lord infamously did a whole album dedicated to Prodigy and it was well received by the community of Hip-Hop. We like that joint, In The Name Of Prodigy. It came out last year.

This year, in the year 2021, Santana Fox has recorded a diss song to Flee Lord. And we don’t know why! Now, I want you to listen to the song and maybe you can tell me why P’s daughter is dissing Flee Lord! But it seems like a recording deal was rejected to the sum of $50,000. To many of us, myself included $50,000 is a lot of money, but if you are the daughter of a legendary rap artist you may be able to turn that down and keep it pushing. At any rate, this is sad because Flee Lord really did show a lot of love to prodigy and she appeared on the album and that’s what’s baffling people.

There may be some more to this that we don’t know, but it seems like perhaps Free Lord may have some unreleased Prodigy music that we haven’t heard yet. It also suggests that Havoc was paid about 40 Grand to appear on the project. Honestly, I can’t really decipher through all of this so if you know something that I don’t know please put it in the comments and let’s get to the bottom of this!

Rest in peace Prodigy!