Promoter Puts Chris Brown Accuser On Blast!


Photo via Chris Brown’s Instagram

Liziane Gutierrez (the woman who alleged Chris Brown punched her in the face) recently got put on blast by @miketheconnect. Gutierrez claimed she snuck her cell phone into a private party and when she took a photo of Brown he became enraged and allegedly punched her in her right eye. Brown and his camp shot down her claims by attacking the woman’s credibility. They said she didn’t have her cell phone on her, and she was the same one making a fuss when she couldn’t get on Jason Derulo’s mini bus. Brown’s camp said the woman was really kicked out for causing a disruption. Mike The Connect caught the woman “wildin out at the homies table” in Las Vegas, and knew she looked familiar. He then called her out. She looks very uncomfortable, almost to the point where she looks like she knows her claims against Brown were untrue.