Publicity Stunt? Stevie J Says Joseline Destroyed Over $65K Of His Property


Allegedly Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are done for good after their latest altercation. According to Stevie J and his video evidence, the Puerto Rican princess set it off in their home. Apparently Joseline bleached, cut up, and destroyed $65K worth of Stevie J’s belongings during one of her jealous rants. Stevie said he had just returned to his home from a studio session with Faith Evans. Allegedly, Joseline was jealous of the time Stevie was spending with Faith. In Joseline’s “jealous” rage she also damaged his vintage $10K Bad Boy Jacket. Although, like most reality couples, Stevie J & Joseline have proven to be a pretty dysfunctional couple, we hear that this is all a big publicity stunt for their new VH1 show, ‘Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood’.