Quavo Claims Donald Trump Was At Magic City Strip Club While Copping To A Relapse


A Quavo and Donald Trump Magic City link up is CRAZY!

August was a whirlwind month for Quavo—one that pit him opposite of the recently indicted ex-President Donald Trump and apparently put an end to his years-long sobriety stand.

Following the release of his Rocket Power tribute album dedicated to Takeoff, Quavo has been hyperactive online as he both promotes the project and ramps up his online presence once again. That said, I’m kind of taking some of the things the Migos rapper tweeted with a grain of salt. However, that doesn’t mean these unchecked tweets aren’t worth remarking on.

Case and point, over the weekend Huncho made the bold claim that he not only saw Donald Trump out in Atlanta, he alleges they crossed paths at the world-renowned Magic City Strip Club.

Insanity, yes I know. However, it’s even more perplexing to think that Trump was with the secret service throwing $1 bills at women built like Megan Thee Stallion in the strip club mere days after being booked on his third indictment. For those still catching up—the former president was booked at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta on August 24 on felony charges related to his alleged interference in the 2020 election. 

While there’s no confirming whether Trump really popped out to Magic City, the situation as a whole was so wild it even prompted a response from former NFL player Le’Veon Bell. Bell literally couldn’t contain himself in the video as he wrote in the caption of the video he shared to Instagram, “I hope Quavo cappin’.”

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But it seems the fun and games end there, because now I have to spoil a good story with a bad ending. Since there’s no sugar coating it, Quavo followed his Donald Trump Magic City tweet up by seemingly admitting he’s recently relapsed. “I kno it’s been som years but now I’m taking Xanax,” Quavo wrote.

Again, it is a bit hard to gauge the seriousness of the situation knowing that Quavo is in the beginning stages of promoting his album. No matter the case, someone close to the Quality Control may want to reach out and confirm his well-being—and whether or not he got a flick with Trump at Magic City to document the unusual occurrence.