Queen’s Death Sparks Kanye West To Make Peace With Kid Cudi And Pete Davidson

Kanye West

Kanye West is beefing with – wait! No he ain’t! The death of a royal colonizer has changed his life perspective!

Kanye West is an interesting guy. This dude has caused calamity and chaos for weeks. He has gone from thing to thing, from adidas to Kim Kardashian to his kids and more. He’s savvy enough to delete posts after making them, causing more confusion. And for those in the media, it has been particularly difficult to ignore these antics. Actually, it’s been impossible to ignore these antics.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has apparently sparked an empathetic space in Kanye West’s heart. The rapper seemingly has forgiven all past grudges and beefs.

He specifically name checked Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi and Daniel Cherry (who is that?). OHHHH – Cherry is the Senior Vice President/General Manager of adidas aka the dude Ye has been taunting for days. The rapper posted a slew of pictures of Queen Elizabeth on IG. This guy is something else! He may be a genius, but that does not mean he is educated. Anyway, this royal white woman apparently got him to stop beefing with people and claims that now life is extremely precious.

Eventually, he deleted all of the pictures of Queen Elizabeth and posted the peace post. Then deleted it, replacing it with this:

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What I love is seeing his immediate friends defending his behavior. I love it and it entertains me. Some of this stuff is indefensible, but I understand that Kanye West is a profit center. So, if you follow the money, you understand that most people will deal with just about anything that feeds their systems and puts food on the table. And that includes corporations!

Anyway enjoy your Friday and I hope you realize before the queen died that life is precious!

illseed out!