R. Kelly Is Out Here Breaking Up Happy Homes & Getting Sued For It!


(AllHipHop Rumors) The King of R&B just can’t get right!

Rumor has it that R. Kelly is being sued by a woman’s husband for ruining their “happy” home. It looks like she wanted to “Step In The Name Of Love”.

That’s right, R. Kelly is still “Mr. Steal Your Wife”. If it’s not one thing with R. Kelly it’s another.

So check this out. First off, R. Kelly has some interesting taste in women. A couple of the women he has dated have been flat out unattractive, and so is this woman.

This is all so hilarious. It reads like another chapter in Kellz ‘Trapped In The Closet’.

According to New York Daily News, apparently a Hinds County man has claimed alienation of affection in a lawsuit filed against R&B singer R. Kelly, who he accuses of having an affair with his wife.

Kenny Bryant, who works as a deputy with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department, filed the lawsuit against Kelly on April 21 in circuit court.

In the lawsuit, Bryant claims that his wife, Asia Childress, had a romantic relationship with Kelly prior to their July 15, 2012 wedding but told him that it had ended. Bryant said the relationship with Kelly rekindled when his wife attended a Kelly concert in October 2012.

Bryant even says his wife convinced him to move to Atlanta to further her career, but she was really just moving be closer to R. Kelly. Apparently Childress was the one who filed for divorce, so that she could allegedly be with R. Kelly more. LOLOL.

Apparently the woman’s husband is trying to get all of his coins out the situation since Mississippi is reportedly one of the states you can sue for adultery. He just may win!

After all of the scandals Kellz has had, no one puts anything past him. Unfortunately people didn’t waste time with the jokes, as they said the woman looks a bit old for R. Kelly.

I still want to know does he really have a harem of women. Carry on!