R Kelly Promises To Snitch On Other Child Predators In The Industry

R. Kelly

They ALL need to go to jail!

R Kelly is reportedly promising to snitch on other child predators in the industry.

According to Chicago’s WGCI-FM — an iHeartRadio station — the disgraced R&B singer, who was convicted of multiple counts including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking, and violation of the Mann Act, is allegedly trying to work it out with the prosecutors in Illinois in exchange for a reduced sentence.

As can be expected, Wack100 weighed in and gave his two cents about the R Kelly situation. But, based on Wack100’s post, it sounds like he either knows who they are, or he has some idea who the finger will be getting pointed at. Check out his post below.

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If this is true, then they all need to go down. No matter what genre of music they’re in — no matter how much power they have in the industry (perceived or otherwise) — no matter what color their skin, or how well they can sing or dance or play an instrument — if they attacked children, they gotta go. They all gotta go. Investigate them all. Try them all. Convict them all. And hit them with the same charges, if not worse, than R Kelly got. Leave nobody out.

Who do you think is on the R Kelly “snitch list”?