R Kelly Trial Continues: London On Da Track’s Mom Called to Testify

R. Kelly

Cheryl Mack, the acclaimed producer’s mother, is telling her side of the story.

The R Kelly trial continues in New York, and now, disturbing testimony from an acclaimed producer’s mother has come to light.

Reuters was on hand as Cheryl Mack shared her harrowing testimony with the court. Mack testified that she saw a young girl trying to get intimate with the disgraced R&B singer in Connecticut, and she beat feet before she could see what came next.

“That was kind of my cue to leave,” Mack said. “I was very uncomfortable.”

Mack said that the last thing she saw before she left was the young girl’s head moving towards R Kelly. She said that the young girl looked to be performing oral sex on Kelly.

Mack also reiterated claims made by other former Kelly staffers. According to Mack, Kelly lost his temper with her when she allegedly ruined a surprise birthday party for former stylist Kash Howard in 2015 and forced her to sign an apology letter riddled with false claims. Mack’s testimony is consistent with the testimony of other former R Kelly associates, who made similar claims about the apology letters signed under duress.

“I apologized out of fear,” she said.

It’s unclear whether Mack was cross-examined in the case. Prosecutors are expected to continue the case today, with testimony expected from clinical psychologist Dawn Howard, who will speak about how underaged victims of sexual assault cope with the trauma.

R Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. His lawyers claim that these charges are being brought by disgruntled fans who are desperate for fame and feel jilted by the R&B singer.